Fix SmartICRSS Scaling

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Fix SmartICRSS Scaling

Windows automatically tries to adjust the scaling of programs dependent on the screen's resolution/scaling percentage and occasionally this will throw off the DPI scaling for SmartICRSS. Either the screen will not maximize and cut off portions of the program or the text will be too small to read. Usually a quick sign out and sign in fixes scaling issues with applications in Windows but if it doesn't then the steps in this guide will help fix the problem.



Step 1: Above is an example of improper scaling. Notice how the device is maximized but not covering the screen and even getting cut off at the bottom. With 4k outputs the scaling may show the text too small to read.


Step 2: Locate the SmartICRSS icon and then Right Click → Properties. If there is no desktop icon the default location is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart ICRealtime Surveillance System\SmartICRSS

Override Scaling.png

Step 3: Go to the Compatibility tab and then check Override High DPI Scaling Behavior and then from the drop down select System.

Author: Matt O