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ICDDNS is a Dynamic DNS is a service that is provided with IC REALTIME recorders and cameras. This helps to solve the issue where clients have a Dynamic WAN IP Address.

Dynamic DNS (Domain Name System) is a method of automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System (DNS), often in real time, with the active DDNS configuration of its configured hostnames, addresses or other information.

Registering an ICDDNS Domain

In order to register an ICDDNS domain, the process is done through the device. In the case of a recorder, it can be done through the local monitor attached, web interface, or through SMARTICRSS Desktop Remote Client Software. If it is a camera it can only be done through the cameras web interface or SMARTICRSS Desktop Remote Client Software.

Web Interface

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer IE-Icon.jpg and enter the IP address of the recorder/camera (default is or In most cases the recorders and cameras will be on DHCP and will grab a new address when being plugged into the network. You can go to our support page and download our ICIP|DVR|NVR Finder Utility or log into the recorder and navigate to the network settings to determine the IP address. Once on this page please log into the recorder’s admin account. Default username: admin password: admin.

SMARTICRSS Remote Client Software

Step 1 Add the device to the Remote client software. If you just installed it by default it will open on the devices page/tab. If you are on the home screen we need to click on Devices under settings.

Step 2 Do either a device search or a manual add to add the recorder to the software and give a moment to change status from offline to online.

Step 3 One the device is logged in go to either the Homepage or click the ADD/NEW button at the top. Select Device Setup under the settings section.

Step 4 Select your device from the device list on the left and select Network under General section.

Step 5 Select DDNS from the list on the new window. On this page make sure Enable is checked and fill in the desired fields. Select save when done.

Local Monitor