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ICR CMS is a mobile surveillance app designed for the security field, powered by the ICRealtime ICM platform. It has a user-friendly UI and offers a fluent video playing experience, supports multi-point touch and gesture recognition, enables real-time preview, playback, PTZ control and E-map management of IP cameras, IP speed dome cameras, DVRs and NVRs.

This app only works with the ICM series line ( ICM-7100SE )


Login screen
Server info

When launching the app, you will be presented with two fields. The first field will say “enter IP” which can be the DDNS or Local area network IP as well as the external area network (wan). Then fill the second field with the CMS port number (default port is 9000)

If the page does not show, please click the icon on the bottom right corner in the login page.

IOS: On iPhone, you will have to click on the icon in the bottom right to bring up the server field.

Login into your account once all the server network information is put in place.

Please do not use the system login or the admin login.

The app will always auto login unless you manually log out.

Home Screen

Home Screen

The home page is where the key functions are located like Preview, Playback, Scheme, Favorites, and File. This will also show you some of the histories from the activity the user has done on the app.


Once you click the preview button on the home page you will be presented with four gray boxes with a “+” sign. Here is where you will have the ability to look at the video feed live. Click on one of the “+” and it will take you to select the organization and then the camera you would like to pull up. You may only have 4 cameras pulled up at a time. If you need to open 4 cameras faster, then clicking on each gray box. You can click the icon on the top right. (insert icon) Then you will be able to highlight the circle next to the 4 cameras or more since it will create a second page. Once you selected the cameras below it will say preview with the number of cameras you have selected press it and all the cameras you highlighted will begin to appear.

Preview functions

  • Pause button – stops video feed for selected camera.
  • Speaker button – turns on the mic feed from the selected camera.
  • SD/HD – to swap between Mainstream and substream. SD is substream and HD is for Main steam.
  • Star ICON – This is where you select a favorite where the client has already made, or you may also create on using this icon.
  • Arrow icon that is pulling apart – This will put the cameras in landscape mode and full screen them.
  • Snapshot icon – This will take a snapshot of a selected camera. When it is selected it will have a blue outline around the border of the feed, or you may double tap on the video feed and make it into a split one and then press the snapshot icon.
  • Intercom Icon – Opens the microphone to our suite of VTO and VTH products. Before clicking this icon please make sure the camera is open and selected.
  • PTZ – Once the PTZ icon is clicked and the camera feed is up you can swipe your finger up and down and right to left to move the camera. The Magnifying icon will allow you to zoom in or out. The plus sign allows you to focus on the camera. The shutter icon is to play with the Iris of the camera. Flag Icon is to call up different presets in the PTZ.


Inside the playback function, you can play one camera either from the ICM directly if you are using the new ICM-7116SE if you have the ICM-7100SE you can only pull playback from the device connected to the server (NVR, AVR, etc).

Once you press the playback icon in the main home page you will be presented with a “+” if you press the plus sign it will allow you to select the camera you would like to playback. After selecting the camera, a calendar will appear, please select the date needed. (if you are using the ICM-7100SE please select above the calendar “device record” so it pulls the playback from the recorder or device. The “center device” option only works with the ICM-7116SE Model if you have the server set up to record playback. This option will pull whatever playback that is stored in the ICM-7116SE)

Playback functions

  • Speaker icon: To enable the audio on the camera (if this was enabled prior in the programming of the camera)
  • Camera icon: takes the screenshot of the playback.
  • Video camera icon: This function is to locally save the footage onto the mobile device.
  • Two arrows: To watch the video in full screen.
  • Stop button: This will stop the playback.
  • Play button: To start the playback.
  • 1x button: This function will speed up the playback

Alarm Scheme

This is where you will turn off or on any alarms made in the client PC software or the web UI of the server.


This will make a collection of cameras to be your favorite cameras when you want to view them live. Press on the "+" name the favorite and then select the cameras wanted in the favorite group.


This allows you to see any footage or screenshots you may have saved from the playback section. From the file tab, you can save them to your files on your phone.


This function is to track any mobile recorders reporting the GPS back to the server and this function will allow you to track the recorders. (This map is different than the map in the client desktop software, this map only works with mobile recorders)


This tab will allow you to see if any of the alarms you have turned on have been triggered.


This tab will let you see what about you are logged into. A different way to get into the files tab. A different way to get into your favorites. You also can turn off and on the alarm push notifications can also set the alarm reminder (silent, shake, sound+shake) Show device will allow you to see previous information on the home page. This tab will also allow you to log out of the current account.