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The ITM-9000 is a handheld test tool for IP and Coax cameras. It can support ONVIF compliant IP cameras as well as Coax cameras with CVBS, HD-TVI, AVS, AHD and CVI protocols up to 4 MP.

ONVIF Test (IP Camera Function)

Power on the unit by using the power button on the right side of the ITM-9000. Select "Mode". Select "ONVIF Test" then Press the Right directional pad to Select.

  • Link Test: Plug in an IP camera into the Blue Ethernet Port on the left side of the ITM-9000. If a camera is detected, you will see Link Stats. You can also press "Set" to change IP address scheme of the ITM-9000 or "Search DHCP" if connected to a network. The ITM-9000 is able to power standard PoE IP cameras.
  • Discover: After detecting a camera, press on the Right directional button. The camera's IP address can be seen on the table. You will be prompted to log in to the camera. After doing so, You can press "Set" to configure the camera.
  • Video & PTZ: Here, you can utilize the PTZ functions of a camera and adjust its image.

Analog Camera Test

The ITM-9000 can use various camera protocols including HD-AVS, CVBS, HD-CVI, AHD and TVI. You can also use this tool to convert select IC Realtime Cameras from HD-AVS mode to CVBS (standard Definition) mode. A 12 volt output available to power the camera. This can be found on the right side of the ITM-9000 under a port marked "12v output".

HD-AVS to CVBS (Standard Definition)

  • Plug in an IC Realtime AVS camera into the BNC input on the top of the ITM-9000.
  • Press "Set" to specify the Camera PTZ protocol. If using an IC Realtime AVS Camera, Protocol should be set to "ICR_Coax"
  • Press "+Iris" or "2" on the inner keyboard to open the OSD Menu of the Camera.
  • Using the on- screen display, you can navigate to "Video Mode" (may be under "Advanced"). You can change the camera from HD to standard Definition by setting the Video mode to "CVBS"

Analog Video Generator

This function is used to test Coax Lines. It will generate a video to loop from the BNC Video In/ Out on the top of the ITM-9000.

RJ45 TDR Test

This is used to test connectivity on your RJ45 Line. You can loop the Line into the blue and green RJ45 inputs on the left side of the ITM-9000. The test will determine if there are any issues with the line.

Firmware Upgrade

In order to have the latest features and fixes, it is recommended that your ITM-9000 be on the latest firmware version. To check the version:

  • Plug in an Ethernet cable to the Blue RJ-45 port.
  • From the Main Menu, Select "Settings"
  • Select "Firmware". It will check for the latest version and have an option to download if an update is available.