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Motion is detected by changes in the pixels of the footage recording on your AVR/DVR/NVR. Motion detection can be used to save space on the hard drive of the recorder if the recorder is set to only record motion. Used in conjunction with 24 hour recording, motion detection can help limit the time spent searching for important events.

Set up Motion Detection at the Local Recorder

1: From the Main Menu Select "Event".

MD Local 1.png

2: Select Motion Detect.

MD Local 2.png

3: Select the Channel that you would like to configure.

MD Local 3.png

4: Make sure the enable check box is selected.

MD Local 4.png

5: Select Region to adjust the area you would like to record motion in. By default the entire region is set to record motion.

MD Local 5.png

6: The colored area is where the camera will look for motion. Any area with no color, the camera will not register motion in that area.

MD Local 6.png

7: Under "Record Channel" make sure the only channel set to record, matches the channel number you are configuring.

MD Local 7.png

8: Click Apply and Save.

MD Local 8.png

9: Select Storage.

MD Local 9.png

10: Click on the Settings Icon.

MD Local 10.png

11: Inside this menu, you can configure the recorder to record on solely Motion or Regular (24hr) recording. You can also choose to record on Motion and Regular Recording. Make sure to apply this to all days that you want to record the same.

MD Local 11.png

12: Make sure to click apply and save to complete motion set up.

MD Local 12.png

Motion Detection on the Web Interface

1: Select Setup > Event > Video Detect

MD Web Interface 1.png

2: Select a channel to configure then Check Enable.

MD Web Interface 2.png

3: Make sure Record Channel is checked and the channel selected matches the channel you are configuring.

MD Web Interface 3.png

4: If you would like notifications, select the type of notification you would like to receive. See Also : Setup_Push_Notifications

MD Web Interface 4.png

5: Select Setup > Storage > Schedule. Click on the Setup button to set the Motion Schedule.

MD Web Interface 5.png

6: Check motion in period 1 to enable 24hr motion recording. Check off the days of the week you want to record on the same schedule. Make sure to click save.

MD Web Interface 6.png