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Playback Through the Web Interface

Searching Video

Step 1: When logging into the web interface, the first page is Preview. Select Playback on the top right to search for footage.

Playback Web Interface 1.png

Step 2: Here a calendar can be seen in the top right. The calendar should show the correct month and year on the top. If it does not, type in the correct numbers. Once done, click the appropriate calendar date to search. Notice the different colors? Blue is for the days that have recordings available.

Below the calendar is the split-view option and channel selection. Make sure to select the cameras (channels) desired for playback.

Playback Web Interface 2.png

Step 3: Once the correct date and camera numbers have been selected, click on the timeline below to start the footage. Functions like pause, play, stop and pause are above the timeline to the left. To fast forward use the slide labeled 1x by default.

Playback Web Interface 3.png

Step 4: If a specific time cannot be seen from the default 24-hour view, in the bottom right corner there is a magnification for the timeline. The time line can be modified to show as small as 5 minute intervals to better assist with playback. Green and yellow are the color codes used for Motion and 24-hour recording. These filters can be changes by unchecking or checking the boxes with corresponding labels below the timeline.

Playback Web Interface 4.png

Downloading Footage by File

1: Select File list to search for either motion files or 1 hour files if you are recording on regular recording.

Playback Web Interface 5.png

2: In the following menu there will be channel (camera) selection tabs across the top. Once a camera is selected, a list will populate of available events. The events will be labeled M for motion and R for regular (24-hour) recording. Once the file(s) desired for download are selected, click download.

Playback Web Interface 6.png

Downloading Specific Times

1: Select the scissor icon above the time line to start a virtual cut of the film strip. When the scissors are selected, 2 triangles will appear on the timeline. These triangles can be dragged to the specific time frame desired. Alternatively, the time can be entered manually to the right of the scissors. Once the correct time is selected click the save icon to the right (the floppy disc icon) and the download will start.

Playback Web Interface 7.png

Download Location

1: The default file location for web browser downloads can be found under Setup>Remote>Audio/Video>Path. On analog recorders this may say Setup>Camera>Audio/Video>Path. In some circumstances Audio/Video will be substituted for Encode. The default location can be modified to fit specific needs or preferences.

Playback Web Interface 8.png

2: Once the download is complete, navigate to the default file location This Pc (My Computer)> Local Disk c:> RecordDownload. Here the files can be sent to USB or viewed as needed. A player for the .DAV files can be found on Download the “Smart ICRSS player for .Dav files.”

Playback Web Interface 9.png