Setting up date and time for ICM Server

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ICM server’s DMS server send sync time command to front-end device via network SDK, after front device sync time, will return DMS server to info channel and sync device time to certain time. Check object to sync time(server, device, set sync to start time and period, click sync time button.


  • IE or Chrome
  • Internet access and IP address to the ICM Server


skip to time setup
Sync setup

1. First, locate the IP address of your ICM server.

2. Use address: http://ip-address/config in internet explorer or google chrome (example:

3. Once at the config webpage for DSS enter the config login. (default username: admin, password: 123456).

4. Under Quick Guide select the Skip button in the lower right corner, until you reach Time Setup.

5. Check DST is daylight savings time applies. Select your timezone. If you want to use an NTP server then select NTP Setup Enter the servers address and the period that you want to update the time. This should finish configuring the time on the server, please wait while the server reboots.

6. Sync IPC Time Is located on the Admin page. Use address: http://ip-address/ in internet explorer or chrome (example Once at the webpage log in using the system account. (default username: system, password: 123456)

7. Select the System Tab ➞ Select Parameters Tab ➞ Sync Time. Make sure the checkbox is checked as well, you can also set a sync interval if needed.

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