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This note applies to setting up push notifications to for Android and iOS


The purpose of this guide is to set up push notifications on Android and iOS devices. The push notifications will alert the user based on defined parameters in real time when the event happens straight through ICRSS Pro. The following guide was done using an Android device. The same steps will work on iOS but the menus may look slightly different.

The Device Interface


Before setting up the push notifications the software needs to know where to look for recordings. By default, IC Realtime and Clearview recorders are set up to record the main stream so the app needs to be told to look for recordings in the main stream. Start by selecting Device Manager → Your Device → Modify (the pencil) → and then monitor

IOS Notifications.PNG

With iOS devices ICRSS Pro needs to have notification permissions to be able to send a push banner to the device. These can be accessed by going to Settings → Notifications → ICRSS Pro and make sure that the banner is set to persistent and all the boxes are toggled on.



The first thing to do is decide what kind of push notifications will be used. Live Preview is for pulling up the live cameras when an event is triggered. Video is for pulling the recording of the event. Image is for pulling a snapshot of the event. The most common used is Video so for the purpose of this guide Video will be used. Select Push Type → Video. After Video is selected the event type needs to be selected. The most common is Motion Detect but if there is an alternative trigger that is preferred then use that. Once inside motion detect select the cameras that will be set up for push notifications then hit the back arrow and select the save button in the top right. After these steps Push Notifications should be set up correctly.

Author: Matt O