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Time setting need to be set properly in order to search footage should something happen. If the time is off you can have issues on playback where you can only review footage from the local monitor, or the time is so far off that you need to download very large files to get the footage that you need.

There are two types of setups.

1: Basic Setup involves HD-AVS/Analog cameras on an AVR/DVR or IP Cameras attached to an integrated POE switch. With only the recorder on the local network.

2: Advanced setup is IP Cameras on the local network with the recorder.

Basic Time Setup

Web Interface

1: The basic setup only requires that time settings are set on the recorder. Login in through the web interface and go to Setup > System > General > Date & Time.

Web Interface Recorder Time Settings.png

2: Make sure to select week for the configuration. The Daylight Savings Time (DST) is the same for every where that participates in daylight savings.

Daylight Savings Time Settings

  • The start is the 2nd Sunday in March at 0200(2am)
  • The end is the 1st Sunday in November at 0200 (2am).

Web Interface DST Settings.png

3: Network Time Protocol (NTP) can be set to any time server that is local to your set up. We use Time.Windows.com by default. It is important to make sure the update interval is less that once every 24hrs. 60 Minutes is a good update interval.

Web Interface NTP Settings.png

4: If you are not in the eastern time zone, make sure to modify the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) setting. Below are a few GMT settings. Next to the GMT is also the time format, 12hr or 24hr format.

GMT Settings

  • Eastern Standard Time ( EST ), the time zone New York is in, which is 5 hours behind Greenwich mean Time (GMT-5)
  • Central Standard Time ( CST ), the time zone Chicago is in, which is 6 hours behind Greenwich Meantime (GMT-6)
  • Mountain Standard Time ( MST ), which is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-7)
  • Pacific Standard Time ( PST ), the time zone Los Angeles is in, which is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-8)

Web Interface GMT Time Format.png

Advanced Setup


For this set up the recorder and the IP cameras on the network need to have 2 different configurations. All IP Cameras will need to be configured the same way. The recorder will be set the same way as the basic setup. The IP cameras should have no NTP or DST settings enabled. Only the GMT setting and Time format should match the recorders settings.

1: Login to the web interface and go to Setting > System > General > Date & Time

Web Interface IP Camera Time Settings.png

2: Once all of the cameras have been set this way, log back into the recorder and verify the time settings are set correct, then apply and save the time settings to distribute the settings to the cameras.

Smart ICRSS Interface

1: Open Smart ICRSS and select Device Setup from the Home Page.

Smart Icrss Homepage Device Setup.png

2: Inside Device Setup, Select your recorder on the left. Then Select Maintenance.

Smart Icrss Device Setup Menu.png

3: Inside Maintenance Select Date & Time on the left. Match the Daylight Savings Time Settings at the top of the page, set the correct GMT settings, and match the NTP settings.

Smart Icrss Maintenance Menu DateTime.png

4: If you have the cameras from the local network added directly to the software, as well as the recorder they are added to, make sure to edit the cameras time settings as well. Go Back to the device setup page and select the IP camera you would like to modify. You can see that the menu options are different than a recorder. Select the Maintenance tab again.


5: Select Date & Time on the left and disable NTP and DST. Them make sure the GMT matches the recorders settings.