Updating firmware

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Obtaining Firmware

To obtain firmware you will need the serial number, build date and system version for the device you would like to update. Once you have this information you will need to contact support to acquire the correct firmware. This can be found under information and version.

Contact email: tech@icrealtime.com Contact Phone: 866-997-9009 option 2

Firmware information.png

Updating in Web UI

Once you receive the.bin file from support, login to your device and go to Setup > System / Settings > Upgrade. Click browse and navigate to the .bin file provided. Click upgrade and do not refresh the web browser until the upgrade is complete.

IP Camera Menu

Browsing for File.png

Recorder Menu

NVR Upgrade Path.png

Upgrading Please Wait.png

Once the system is done upgrading the plugins will change. You will need to delete the web plugins and re-install them. For guidance see: Web_Browser_Plugins